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49ers Focus Group Opportunity
« on: September 14, 2005, 01:05:00 PM »
Hi Everyone,
Recently an owner of MattsonGitelson, a business development firm that has a client who has developed a new product to appeal to NFL fans (that is pending licensuire with the NFL) contacted me regarding the oppotunity to participate in their research of this product.  Since they will be in the Bay Area and I live out in Canada I am unfortunately not able to attend.  However, I did ask if I could open up the opportunity to the fans on my site - to which they obliged.

Fans looking to participate in the research, will go through a one-on-one interview with the company to help perfect the product and create a viable business plan.

They will be in  the San Francisco Bay area September 21-23 and are seeking individuals to interview.  The only thing we ask of those who participate is that they keep the product and the information learned at the interview confidential.

Please feel free to check them out on our website at:  Each interview would only take about 30 minutes and they would provide an American Express gift card as our way of thanking an individual for participating.  The interview could be held at the individual's office or at our hotel suite.   

Anyone who would like to participate could simply email Susan Mattson directly at or call our toll free number: 877-7MG-2436 to set up a time and place for the appointment.  Please use "49ers Paradise" as your reference should you be asked.

Thank you,

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