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Memothentic Review
« on: June 01, 2007, 03:49:04 PM »
Memothentic Review

One of the hottest new pieces of NFL merchandise on the market is  the “Memothentic” a combination of a photograph (autographed, or not), a mini player jersey, and hand written – and re-printed memory authored by the respective player.  The Memothentic I have the pleasure of reviewing is a the limited edition “Roger Craig Superman” series.

The football collage features an autographed photo of Roger Craig leaping over a pile of Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl.  Roger’s memory of the event is as follows:

"It was Super Bowl 19 and the Miami Dolphins had this high powered offense with Dan Marino at QB... During the regular season Dan broke a lot of NFL records, throwing over 5000 yds and over 46 TDs. All the experts had the Dolphins to crush the 49ers. I can remember what my teammate All-Pro linebacker Hacksaw Reynolds told me before the game, to play every play like it was going to be your last. This particular play was 4th and 1 and we needed a first down to keep the drive alive. The Dolphins defense did a good job plugging up the middle and I had to give up my body and dive over the top like Superman to get the first down and we scored on that same drive!"

The accompanying mini jersey features a name plate, and Roger’s famous #33 as well as an NFL patch on the neck line, and jersey patches at the bottom of the jersey.  The complete collage is framed in a black frame with a gold border.  The frame measures 32” x 14” and is an incredible focal piece in any sports collection.

The Memothentic Sports Collage is a piece of 49ers history that no 49ers fan should be without.  It’s affordable, saves space, and is truly a unique item.  Backed by Memothentic's reputation, you can be sure of the authenticity of the collage.  You can even create a collection of 49ers memothentics with collages available for: Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Wendell Tyler, and Kermit Alexander along with the Roger Craig version mentioned above.

More Information, and Purchasing Availability
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